The Magmillon Group is a rapidly growing development company, established by the professionals experienced in the real-estate market. Back in 2017 our experts were quoted in media 400 times. Apart from the real-estate projects, the Group also owns special purpose vehicles, which are used to invest in land subject to transformation both in Warsaw and the surrounding areas. We currently manage assets worth over 150 million PLN.

We possess unique professional know-how that allows us to grow our capital. We effectively generate extraordinary returns on investment for almost 500 investors who have trusted us already.


We specialize in:

  • End-to-end property development and sales;
  • Construction and commercialization of multi-use buildings for trade and services;
  • Revitalization of apartment buildings and other buildings in big cities, intended for residential, office, hotel and commercial use;
  • Acquisition, transformation and division of farm land, supplying utility installations, intended for commercial or residential use.


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